08/08/2013 04:35 am ET Updated Aug 08, 2013

'America's Got Talent': Injury Could Spell The End For One Group (VIDEO)

Things were definitely looking grim for fan favorites The Chicago Boyz on "America's Got Talent" Wednesday night. The acrobatic troupe impressed the judges with their human jump rope trick, but the dangerous-looking stunt proved to be every bit as dangerous as it seemed. One member of the team broke his leg in three different places.

"I can’t perform anymore. That hurts. It hurts," the performer said. "Because this was my dream. And the one time I get to ... " The injured dancer couldn't even finish his sentence, he was so overcome with emotions. Hollywood Life's Avery Thompson was wishing him a "speedy recovery."

The performer later explained that the doctors told him that he wouldn't be able to perform for two to three months. In other words, there was no way he could continue in the competition. But could The Chicago Boyz advance without him?

They were nearly eliminated, but the judges ultimately voted to save them and advance them onto the semi-finals.
Buddy TV's Ted Kindig agreed with the call. He wrote that even though they're down a member, the group definitely deserved to move on.

The competition continues on "America's Got Talent," Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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