08/08/2013 09:24 am ET Updated Aug 08, 2013

Cory Monteith Spent Time With Sober Friends Before His Death

As soon as Cory Monteith was pronounced dead on July 13, rumors began to circulate about what he was doing the night before in Vancouver.

The "Glee" star died as a result of a lethal combination of heroin and alcohol. But Monteith's acting coach and friend Andrew McIlroy opened up to People about the actor's last few days in Vancouver. He said that Monteith spent the night before he died with three friends who were "positive influences" in his life.

"They weren't strangers, they weren't bad guys. They were longtime sober friends. Cory knew them maybe 10 years. Essentially, he had spent time with [them] as sober people," McIlroy told People. "They were not using with him [that night]. There was no double life up here."

McIlroy also said that Monteith was "fine" the last time he saw him, a few weeks before his death. "He was happy to be breathing fresh air and putting in full days and being active."

Close friend and "All the Wrong Reasons" co-star Kevin Zegers also attested to Monteith's desire to get well. He told E! Online, "I think it's something that constantly reveals itself as something that happens to people who, for whatever reason, don't get well, and it was by no lack of him trying or anyone else trying to help him get well. Eventually, your body just says, ‘No, it's enough.' But it doesn't make it any less sad or tragic. I think the problem people had was that he looked healthy and he never showed the struggles he was having."



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