08/08/2013 08:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 Lifehacks That Make Washing Dishes (A Little) Less Dreadful (PHOTOS)


Washing dishes is not our favorite activity. In fact, we'd rather be doing just about anything else. But putting off this task only makes it worse. (Think: Big piles of plates and cups with caked-on grease and grime. Yuck!)

So, instead of procrastinating, try these lifehacks and handy gizmos that will make the chore a little more bearable. Grab your rubber gloves and your dinnerware will be gleaming in no time.

1. Stack those dirty dishes in this handy basin instead of clogging up the sink. The best part? It has a drain that catches food scraps.

2. Use mesh produce bags as DIY pot scrubbers and wash off caked-on grime.

scrub pots

3. Use a soap dispenser with a motion sensor so you don't have to touch a pump with your sticky hands.
4. Have a (silly) dishcloth on hand to have a laugh while you work.

5. Keep your sponges dry and mildew free with a binder clip.

kitchen life hacks

6. Use a funky dish drying mat that looks cool, but it's practical too.

7. Pour grease from pans into some used tin foil to cut down on the number of dirty dishes to scrub.

8. Sprinkle a little baking soda on a lemon slice and using it to scrub away messes on your plates.
clean with lemon

9. Sometimes you just have to let the doozies soak.

10. Use a rubberband to secure stemware in the dishwasher.

kitchen life hacks

11. A splash of vinegar in your rinse water can eliminate water spots.
vinegar cleaning

12. Plastic fruit baskets are perfect for washing small items like bottle tops, small utensils and lids in your dishwasher. Just wedge it in place.
plastic fruit basket

13. Keep a little dish near the sink as a catchall for rings.

Click through the slideshow below to learn how you can de-stress your kitchen.

De-Stress Your Kitchen Space

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