08/08/2013 05:18 am ET Updated Aug 08, 2013

Matt Damon's Tan Lines Were So Hilarious, He Insisted They Be In 'Behind The Candelabra' (VIDEO)

Matt Damon earned an Emmy nomination for his work in HBO's Liberace biopic "Behind the Candelabra." On "The Tonight Show," however, he admitted that the role came with a little embarrassment.

For his performance as Liberace's lover, Damon had to wear some pretty skimpy costumes, including several bikini-style swimsuits. Wanting to avoid noticeable tan lines in the film, he said he hiked up some bikini briefs and got spray-tanned from head to toe. The result, though, was a pretty epic tan line that was probably worse than he would have had otherwise.

Damon said the awkwardness happened the morning after his spray tan. "I start brushing my teeth and my wife kinda comes in," he said. "And she screams, ‘What the hell happened to your ass?'"

After seeing the crazy tan lines he wound up with, Damon thought it was too hilarious not to show off. So he asked director Steven Soderbergh to include a gratuitous butt shot in the film. He also admitted that his bedazzled bikini swimsuit might be his favorite costume ever.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences were big fans, too. They gave the biopic a whopping 15 Emmy nominations, including one for costume design.

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