08/08/2013 07:06 pm ET

Nathan Romo, Blind Culinary Student, Gets Stolen Kitchen Tools Restored (VIDEO)

A blind student chef from Fresno, Calif., was the victim of a horrible theft last month, but what happened in the weeks that followed will warm your heart.

Two weeks ago, CBS47 reported that 48-year-old Nathan Romo's apartment had been burglarized while he was out for a few hours. He was robbed of several thousand dollars worth of electronics and valuables, but most notably, of the tools crucial to helping him realize his dream of becoming a chef. He was set to start culinary school on August 12.

"Talking cookware is extremely important because it's going to enable me to get through my class; and when we have to do things like temperature, you know, I can't see normal thermometers," Romo told CBS.

In addition to the talking thermometer, Romo was also missing his knife set, a collection of measuring spoons in Braille, and his Macbook, which can be connected to a scanner that reads books to him, according to the Fresno Bee.

But fortunately, Romo hasn't had to pick up the pieces alone. Once CBS reported the theft, donations began pouring in to get him back on track.

Community members pitched in hundreds of dollars and a new iPad. Local business owner Thomas Fillmore organized a lunch for him at Fresno's Elbow Room restaurant, where chef Roy Harland gifted him a $1,000 knife set, the Fresno Bee reports.

"I saw this gentleman and it just tugged on my heart that he got all of this equipment, been spending all of these years trying to learn to cook and somebody came into his apartment and stole it," Fillmore told CBS.

Although Romo still has several other belongings to recover, the community's kindness has gone a long way in renewing his determination to attend school.

"One way or the other, I'm going," Romo told the Fresno Bee. "I'll figure it out until I get the rest of what I need."

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