08/08/2013 07:53 am ET

Gorgeous Pinhole Time-Lapse Of Paris Makes Us Want To Hop On A Plane Now (VIDEO)

There's something innately beautiful about the simple art of camera obscura, an age-old craft that involves projecting light through a pin-sized hole.

But two filmmakers by the names of Romain Alary and Antoine Levy have managed to bring the practice to new heights, combining time-lapse technology and camera obscuras the size of apartments to create breathtakingly gorgeous pinhole videos.

For their series " The Pinhole Movie Project," the two artists turned a room in Paris into a giant moving image screen. Using the genius of the camera obscura, they darkened the room, leaving only a small hole in the window to let in light. They then positioned a DSLR camera inside to record the dazzling animations that filtered through the tiny opening, capturing scenes of towering buildings, bustling street traffic and romantic landscapes all in the comfort of the empty room.

The video above is a fascinating ode to Paris, and the duo has big plans to continue the project in other locales around the globe. In fact, if you know of a room that would work, you can invite Alary and Levy to film there, and your city could very well be next in the series.