08/08/2013 05:30 am ET Updated Aug 08, 2013

'Raising Fame': Shun Wants Her Family To Be The Next Kardashians, Daughter A Victoria's Secret Model (VIDEO)

The search for fame is becoming a commodity in itself. TLC's latest reality entry, "Raising Fame," features mothers who will do anything to help their daughters get famous.

Hoping to be the next Kardashians family, Shun moved her family from Alabama to Hollywood two years ago. She's put most of her energy into the child she thinks will be the breakout star, her 18-year-old daughter Amber, and she has one big dream for her. "I want Amber to be a top model for Victoria’s Secret," Shun said.

To keep her daughter model-thin, Shun restricts Amber's meals for auditions and repeatedly tells her that she expects Amber to make a seven-figure income soon. "Thin is in, fat ain’t where it’s at," Shun told Amber. "Don’t you want to maintain a zero, so you can be a Victoria’s Secret model?”

Shun wouldn't say how much she's spent on pursuing Amber's dream, but Deadline's Lisa de Moraes thinks it might be worth it. She advised Amber to get everything her mom does on camera.

Shun told the Birmingham News that she doesn't mind showing the good and the bad of her pursuit of Amber's dream. "It’s great exposure,” she said. “Reality is sometimes good and sometimes bad, but it gives you great exposure regardless.” If the special turns out to be a hit, it could be expanded into an ongoing series that would either follow new families, or give Shun and Amber even more of that "great exposure."

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