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Brieze, 8-Month-Old Wonder Dog, Makes 10-Mile Journey Home After Being Hit By Car (PHOTO)

When Brieze, an 8-month-old Collie-mix, ran away from his caretaker's Gloucestershire home last Thursday, his owner thought he was lost for good.

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Sarah Walter, 49, who lives in Up Hatherley in the U.K., left Brieze with a sitter while taking her other dog for treatment, SWNS reports. The pup reportedly panicked and escaped the home, running into a 400-acre cornfield in the unfamiliar countryside.

Walter next heard news of Brieze's whereabouts from the police, according to the Gloucestershire Echo.

"They told me that Brieze had been hit as he crossed the M5 [motorway]," she told the news source. "They added that he had run off, but I believed that being hit at 70 mph would not be survivable. I was inconsolable."

After spending the next several hours fruitlessly searching the motorway and surrounding area, Walter was beginning to lose hope. It wasn't until 18 hours later that she received an early morning call from her parents saying that they had found Brieze -- or rather, that Brieze had found them.

The limping pooch had somehow made the 10-mile journey to Walter's parents' home.

"How he got to my parents' house, I don't know," she told the Echo. "He wouldn't have had a clue how to get there, and every time I've gone there with him, I've done the journey in a car. He must have an in-built navigation system."

Although Brieze now exhibits an intense fear of humans, he is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries and from the long journey. Walter plans to do everything she can to "get him happy."

Many dogs have gone to extraordinary lengths to be reunited with their loved ones. Earlier this year, a shelter dog who was separated from his mate upon adoption made a 10-mile journey in the bitter winter to see her again.

Last year, a husky named Zander was so distraught over his owner's hospitalization that he made a two-mile trek to visit him at the hospital.

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