08/09/2013 12:51 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Barney Frank's 'Pot-Smoking Atheist' Revelation Discussed On 'The Rubin Report'

"The Rubin Report" took Barney Frank to task over his controversial "coming out" as a "pot-smoking atheist" during a "Real Time with Bill Maher" interview this week.

"I’d ask my governor to appoint me to the open Senate seat and he decided not to,” Frank said at the time. “And I was looking forward to having my husband Jim [Ready] hold the Constitution, not the Bible, and affirm, not swear, that I was going to be a wonderful senator.”

Joining "Rubin Report" host Dave Rubin were AOL's "Acting Disruptive" host Max Lugavere and Pivot's "Take Part Live" host Cara Santa Maria.

"Really what it's about is forwarding atheist rights," Maria noted. "If he had done it while he was in office, I think it might have been more impactful for the cause or for the movement. But I'm not going to denigrate him."

She added, "Where he stands with his atheism now is probably where he did stand with his homosexuality 20 years ago."

Lugavere felt similarly, noting: "I think we need more atheists in Congress for sure. It's sad that he has to have this big, dramatic unveiling of his lack of a belief system."

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