08/09/2013 05:24 am ET Updated Aug 09, 2013

'Burn Notice': Michael Saves Fiona From A Burning Building (VIDEO)

Things have been cold between Michael and Fiona for a while now on "Burn Notice," but they certainly heated up in a big way this week. The team was on a mission that saw Fiona wind up trapped inside a burning building. After one of the team members decided to leave Fi behind, Michael came to her rescue in an explosive way.

He picked up a fire extinguisher and threw it into the flames, leading to a massive explosion. Then, he picked up Fiona and carried her to safety. It was closer than they'd been in weeks, and it was clear that it brought feelings back to the surface that were perhaps not nearly as buried as either of them thought.

TV Fanatic's Jim Garner loved the moment they shared when Fi realized what Michael had done for her. “Was I the only one with a tear in my eye as Michael and Fiona were looking at each other when she woke up after he rescued her?" he asked. "I think we’ve all been praying for weeks for these two to cut through the fighting and remember they truly love each other.”

With only four episodes left to go, "Burn Notice" fans are hoping that Fi and Michael will find their way to one another again. Will this rescue be a catalyst to start them moving in that direction?

Find out as "Burn Notice" moves toward its series finale, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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