08/09/2013 01:05 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'Daddy Days,' Daddyhunt Event, To Be Held In Provincetown

"Daddy Days," a newly annual event sponsored by the gay social nextwork Daddyhunt, will kick off tomorrow, Aug. 10, at several different locations across Provincetown.

A week-long event intended to be a celebration of gay men of all ages, "Daddy Days" will feature dinners, parties, dances, tea-rooms, and performances. The epicenter of the event will be at Crew’s Quarters on Commercial Street.

In reference to Daddyhunt's purpose in hosting the "Daddy Days" event, Javier Cobo, Community Director for Daddyhunt, said in a statement sent to the Huffington Post:

We wanted to find a way to bring together the strong, smart men who helped build the gay community we know today... We've seen historic changes in the past few years politically, and it’s time for us to realize we're maturing as a community as well. Love and sex aren’t limited by age. With Daddy Days, we’re hoping to bring together not only daddies and daddy hunters, but guys that enjoy a broader definition of community.

According to it's founders, Daddyhunt was established in 2005 as a social networking site for gay men over the age of 40 who felt excluded from more mainstream online dating sites. In an age where dating and forging connections between gay men is accelerating quickly into the digital sphere, the influence and significance of gay social networks seems to be much more a reality rather than a trend. Within this shift, gay men, often guilty of discrimination within their own community, have been known to force one another into different preference-based social networks for different "types" of gay men. Hence, the need for gay social networking sites that cater specifically to older gay men, but also Daddyhunt's attempt to understand community in less narrow terms.

Despite the target demographic for the "Daddy Days" event, founders emphasized that this week is intended to be a celebration for gay men of all ages. “These may be the first Daddy Days,” said Cobo, “But we’re looking forward to many more years ahead.”

For more information on "Daddy Days," visit Daddyhunt's website. Below, view a slideshow of photos from previous Daddyhunt events.