08/09/2013 09:57 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rita Ora's Hair Is A Total Throwback (PHOTOS)

We rely on stars like Rita Ora to try the beauty trends we're just too timid to attempt, from yellow dip-dyed ombre and Scary Spice-style buns to... helmet hair?

Maybe "helmet hair" is going a bit far to describe Rita Ora's new hairdo. But the singer's blonde bob, which she just got today in London, is a stark change from her wilder styles. The Daily Mail called it "dated"; from where we're sitting, we're actually getting vintage Meg Ryan or -- dare we say it -- Callista Gingrich vibes. (File that away in "Things We Never Thought We'd Say.")

Check out Rita's new "mom" hair for yourself and tell us who it reminds you of.

Rita's new look:

rita ora hair

rita ora hair

Rita's old hair:

rita ora hair

Rita joins the short hair club:

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