08/11/2013 08:34 am ET

Carlisa Brookins Accused Of Performing Oral Sex On Alexis Garcia In Police Van

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

Carlisa Brookins and Alexis Garcia had a brief encounter they probably won't forget.

Neither will their corrections officer, who claims he saw Brookins performing oral sex on Garcia while he was transporting the couple and eight others to a Las Vegas Jail.

The male and female inmates were separated into rows and all of them had belly constraints so the officer was surprised when he saw Brookins allegedly bend over her seat to perform a sex act on Garcia, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

When the officer turned on the light, Brookins immediately sat up and made several comments claiming she was not a prostitute because she didn’t charge Garcia, according to the police report quoted by the Sun.

Garcia was a complete gentleman under the circumstances, telling Brookins, “I’ll get you off before we hit downtown," according to inmate Jessica Melaerts, who was sitting near Brookins.

Melaerts also told police she didn't want to look at the live sex show because she thought it was "gross," according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Garcia's arrest record includes several possession charges, and an arrest for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Brookins was arrested July 28 on drug charges.

Once they were caught in the act, they were both transported back to the Clark County Detention Center and booked for voluntary sex with an inmate.



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