08/12/2013 07:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Ways To Avoid Having Seatmates... For Free

Last week, Gadling posed an interesting question -- would you purchase half of an airplane seat just to ensure enough personal space?

The consensus seemed to be that buying half a seat was probably not the most economical plan. First of all, you could just spend that money on an upgrade that would give you more space, in addition to other amenities.

But that got us thinking about ways to steal some extra seat space -- without paying a dime. These techniques work best on modes of transportation that do not offer assigned seating. Passengers of trains, first-come-first-served seating airplanes (like Southwest flights) and buses, have plenty of options.

Scroll through the list below for some of our finest ideas... and be sure to add yours in the comments!

(Disclaimer: the use of any of these techniques may or may not result in fights, hateful stares and removal from bus/train/aircraft. You have been warned.)

1) Travel with a crying baby and/or antsy toddler
baby airplane

There's no doubt that crying babies on planes has led to lots of debate over the practice--with some passengers even seeking the emergency exit over a screaming tot.

2) Take your shoes off and let those puppies air on out.

Make sure your feet are extra stinky.

3) Sneeze. Cough. Surround yourself with balled up tissues.

Because no one wants to sit next to a mucousy mess for any extended period of time. Be as germy as possible. Implying nausea is even better.

4) Make them ask: Crazy or Bluetooth?
airplane bluetooth

In either event, they won't want to sit next to you.

5) Take your clothes off.

Let it all hang out.

6) Eat something very... fragrant.

Anything that smells super strong should do the trick.

7) Get your zen on.

No one's going to mess with your vibe.

8) Get yourself in prime nap position. Then feign sleep. Make sure to snore very loudly.

Threaten the invasion of personal space. Be that guy.

9) Be loud and overly friendly

Rock out to your music, engage in lively conversation, questionably flirt and be just creepy enough not to get arrested.

10) Get drunk.

Take a lesson from Kristen Wiig's character in Bridesmaids.



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