08/12/2013 11:33 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Dan Parent, Creator Of Kevin Keller, Says Archie Comics Supports Russia Boycott


In an exclusive interview with Back2Stonewall, comic book artist and writer Dan Parent revealed that The Archies, an icon of American comics since 1941, will be supporting the boycott of Russia in the wake of the country’s new homophobic laws.
Parent best known for his work for his work on the Archie Comics and the introduction of Riverdale’s first openly gay character Kevin Keller spent a few minutes with Back2Stonewall this weekend at Wizard World Comic-Con Chicago and spent a few minutes with Dan talking with him what his thoughts were on Russia’s anti-gay laws and human rights violations against its LGBT citizens.

“I’ve just been catching up on it” Parent said. “It’s really upsetting.”

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