Getting The Ring Right: I Bought My Wife Three Engagment Rings Before She Was Happy (VIDEO)

Getting engaged is a magical moment for most couples, but what happens when your new fiancee hates the ring? The third time was the charm for Adam Baker and his wife, as he bought her three engagement rings before she was satisfied. He shared his story on HuffPost Live.

Baker explained that when he and his wife got engaged eight years ago, he wasn't able to afford a large diamond ring. "It was a ring that I had bought for my wife that I was in a different spot than I am now, [when] I wasn't as fortunate," he explained to host Tiffany Williams.

"When we got married she was happy with it, but as we got older and three kids in three years, she figured she needed a little bit of an upgrade," he continued. "I think it was either an upgrade for boobs or an upgrade for a diamond ring. So she took the upgrade for the ring."

The couple re-set the original ring with a larger diamond, but his wife didn't receive the reaction from friends that she'd hoped for. "I think karma came back to get her, because she gets a lot more compliments about the original ring that has been re-set than she does the upgrade."

After that, Baker bought his wife a third ring with a larger and more unique stone. Gemologist Don Strzepak, who also joined the conversation, gave it his seal of approval.

"It's a pear-shaped diamond, rounds on the sides, 3- to 4-carat. I can tell it's got decent color to it. You did a good job Adam."

Watch the full conversation on HuffPost Live.

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