08/12/2013 03:38 pm ET

Martha Stewart's Weekend Includes Virgin Marys, Indian Reservations, Yellow Pants (PHOTOS)

What did you do this weekend? Sit around in shorts, watching yet another "Golden Girls" marathon? Or perhaps you waded around the nearest ocean/lake/swimmin' hole alongside a wide swath of humanity and saw things you wish you didn't see?

Well, if you were Martha Stewart, you would have had a beautifully art-directed weekend filled with perfect brunches and giant plants. We know this because we were following (cough, stalking) Martha Stewart's Twitter feed and saw it ourselves.

Here's a little recap. And thank you for being a (Twitter) friend, Martha.

Saturday: Breakfast at the Indianola General Store. (She was in town for a wedding. Can you imagine what it would be like having Martha Stewart as a wedding guest? It would be like that episode of "Ellen" where she came by for Thanksgiving. Sunday: We assume her Saturday was filled with partying, because there was nary a tweet on her Twitter feed. She resurfaces Sunday morning with a restorative brunch. Then, a question. Sunday, continued: The brunch was not TOO restorative. Here, Martha expounds on the virtues of a Virgin Mary. That's a Bloody Mary sans booze, for our more vodka-soaked readers who can't contemplate that notion. (Wouldn't that just be tomato juice?) Sunday, still: Martha visits Heronswood, a gorgeous botanical garden that's filled with amazing plants. She wears yellow skinny pants and looks marvelous.

...and that was what Martha did this weekend.

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