08/14/2013 01:48 am ET Updated Oct 13, 2013

Breck Reeves, California Man, Finds $6,900 In Cash Outside DMV, Makes The Honest Choice

When Breck Reeves found $6,900 in cash near a Department of Motor Vehicles in Visalia, Calif., he made an honest decision.

"I was sitting there counting it and it was like $5,000 or more and I was like this is way too much," he told KMPH. "I was really upset in my stomach that I even had this much money."

The 46-year-old brought the stacks of $100 bills to the DMV, and the Visalia police were able to track down the rightful owner, 69-year-old retired farmworker Guadalupe Salazar.

Reeves said that he might have kept the money if it had been $20 or so, the AP reported, but this amount was too much.

"I immediately felt better [after turning it in]," Reeves told the Fresno Bee. "It wasn't mine to begin with."

Salazar had taken the money out of the bank to buy his son a new car. The envelope apparently fell out of Salazar's car when he opened the door. Police say the 69-year-old later showed documentation backing up the amount and knew specific details about the lost cash.

"It's very, very wonderful," Salazar told the Fresno Bee after being reunited with his money. He also plans to take Reeves out to dinner to thank him.



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