08/13/2013 02:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

George, Cat At Bar, Is A Regular In Grand Junction, Colorado (PHOTO)

If this cat drinks to forget, well, what does a cat forget anyway?

Reddit user Bathsaltrocker69 posted this Imgur photo (below) of George on Monday, writing that the cat sat at a Grand Junction, Colo., bar every night with his treats and pick-me-up when Bathsaltrocker69 performed there.

The image made it happy hour for humorists on both Imgur and Reddit.

Among the best bits in the caption kibble:

"Bartender. I plan on drinking until I'm catatonic, or at the very least until I'm feline fine."

"Put it on my tabby."

"Bartender, one meowtini please. Shaken, not purred."

This one was a reach, but we admired the try: "If you want to get drunk and take me home with you, I can promise siamese-y." Yeah, it takes a moment.

If George ever wants to actually work in a bar with other cats, he could always move to Shanghai. But that would mean having to leave his seat.

Credit: Imgur



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