08/13/2013 01:16 pm ET

Celebrities Tweet Support For Wisconsin Protesters Facing Arrest


Celebrities have demonstrated their support for protesters in Wisconsin's Capitol building facing arrest for singing as part of a protest against Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

A number of entertainers, including former 'N Sync member Lance Bass, "West Wing" star Dulé Hill, and actress Rosario Dawson tweeted an identical message on the social networking site.

Dozens of liberal protesters have been arrested over the past month, after a new law was implemented requiring groups of more than 20 people to get a permit in order to demonstrate. Protesters had regularly gathered in the Capitol for the past two years without needing prior approval.

Arrests at the Capitol died down this week. According to the LaCrosse Tribune, an off-duty police officer who wanted to observe the demonstration, called the Solidarity Singalong, applied for a permit, which allowed both he and others to gather in the Capitol on Monday.

"This application does not require, nor is it requesting exclusive use of the Capitol Rotunda and should not be construed to either include nor impinge on the ability of others to visit and gather in areas not requested by this permit," the officer, David Dexheimer, said in his application, according to the Tribune.



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