08/13/2013 11:01 am ET

Colorado Flash Flood Video: Cars Swept Away On Road Near Manitou Springs

A frightening video filmed Friday shows a flash flood sweeping several vehicles backward down a crowded Colorado highway.

Tim O'Mara, of Chipita Park, Colo., was heading home from work Friday evening when a wave of dark water suddenly came cascading down the road. It was just 30 seconds later that the four cars swept past O'Mara.

"Those cars ended up in a pile behind me, destroyed," O'Mara told HuffPost over the phone Tuesday.

A separate video filmed by O'Mara shows the river of rushing black water rise until it is over the tops of his wheels. The videos were filmed on U.S. Route 24, on the mountain pass between Manitou Springs and Cascade, Colo. The body of a man said to have drowned in the flash flood was later found on the same road.

Click the video above to watch.

Heavy rains in the Colorado Springs area on Friday caused severe flash flooding after a mountain creek overflowed its banks. A burn scar from a wildfire last year allowed the floodwater to flow virtually unimpeded.

The flash floods resulted in two deaths and the destruction of about 40 cars and a handful of buildings in the hard-hit town of Manitou Springs. Health officials have now issued a warning about tetanus bacteria and have set up a free clinic in the small town.

Watch more footage of the Colorado flash flood: