08/13/2013 08:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Use A Flower Pot To Amplify Sound From Your Cell Phone Or iPod (PHOTO)


Who needs stereo systems these days when your iPhone is also your portable music player? But while the speakers are good, they're not that good. Instead of spending unnecessary dollars on accessories and attachments, try this super easy lifehack: Use a flower pot to amplify sound from your gadget.

Yep, just place it inside, and the curved shape will make your tunes sounds great. Redditor myrmadon8 shared this trick along with the photo below. Other users piped in and said they've tried the same thing with a cup, crock pot or even a beer bong (if you have one of those lying around) with similar results. So the next time you're gardening and want to sing along to Rihanna, give it a try.

flower pot to amplify sound

Photo by Redditor myrmadon8

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