08/13/2013 03:32 am ET

Joanna Krupa Invited To Prom By High School Student On 'Watch What Happens: Live' (VIDEO)

Bravo may have just picked up a new show during Joanna Krupa's appearance on "Watch What Happens: Live." The star and model was in the clubhouse to celebrate the new season of her show, "The Real Housewives of Miami." But one young viewer wanted to know if Krupa would help him celebrate something else.

Nick asked, via Twitter, if Krupa would go to prom with him. "Sure!" she responded, which completely blew his mind.

“Would you do that, if he flew you there?" Andy Cohen asked Krupa, but it turns out she was absolutely serious.

“I’ve never been to prom, so this will help me relive my prom," Krupa said. "How cute!"

Checking out Nick's Twitter feed after the show only adds fuel to the idea that she's serious. Krupa followed him after the show, which could be so they can swap information and get her to his prom.

Krupa did say that she'd need to bring her whole glam squad with her -- but Bravo would probably pay for that. Cohen even said they'd film the whole thing. If Bravo is going to get footage out of it, though, maybe they should pay her airfare, too.

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