08/13/2013 04:59 pm ET

'Little Couple' Stars Bill Klein, Jennifer Arnold Adapting To Adopted Dwarf Son Will (VIDEO)

The TLC series, "The Little Couple" may have to change its name, thanks to a new cast member.

The series focuses on the lives Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, a married couple who both have dwarfism. Now, they have an adopted 3-year-old son, Will, who also has the condition.

Klein and Arnold adopted Will from China earlier this year and brought him home to Houston, Texas. In the first episode of the new season, which begins on August 13, we see how the "Little Couple" has adapted to being a trio.

So far, so good, according to Klein.

"We've been home from China for about three, four weeks and he's accepting us as his parents," Klein says in the episode. "And he's used to going to bed and having us tuck him in at night."

It helps that Will is a pretty mellow character, Dad also says.

"Will is a really well-adjusted kid," he explains. "I think he was well-adjusted before he here. Maybe he got a manual to deal with new parents or something."

They shouldn't change the name to "The Little Trio" just yet. This season, the couple will be seen going to India to pick up their adopted daughter, Zoey, make the family a little quartet.



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