08/13/2013 09:16 am ET

Savannah Guthrie Talks Losing Her Father, Wanting To Have Kids In Elle Magazine (VIDEO)

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"Today" co-host Savannah Guthrie was profiled in Elle magazine's September issue and spoke candidly about some of her most personal experiences.

The bubbly "Today" co-host, who assumed the role amid tension and turmoil at the NBC morning broadcast, has experienced far more difficult times. Guthrie lost her father at a young age, an experience she said made her "gentler."

"Matt [Lauer] asked me at dinner the other day, 'What would you say the impact of losing your dad so young was on you?' And I said ultimately it made me more sensitive and gentler, and, I hope, kinder," Guthrie told Elle. "Of course it was terrible, and I think about him every day—but there's something about a dramatic event like that that makes you a bit more tender, a bit softer."

Earlier this year, Guthrie became engaged to longtime boyfriend Michael Feldman. She announced the news on "Today," where she was congratulated by each of her co-hosts. When asked by Elle if she'd like to have kids someday, Guthrie spoke honestly.

"I would love to have kids. I hope so, if we're lucky and blessed, but who knows what life holds, you know? I'm 41 years old," she said.

For more about Guthrie, click over to Elle's website. The magazine's September issue hits newsstands nationally on Aug. 20.



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