08/13/2013 11:05 am ET

Stolen Truck Slams Into Vehicles In Texas, Leaves 6 Dead

A high-speed chase in Hidalgo County, Texas ended tragically when the driver of a stolen truck crashed into vehicles, leaving six dead.

A Texas Highway Patrol Sergeant was pursuing the stolen truck when it drove into an intersection and crashed violently into three other cars Monday afternoon, The Monitor reported.

Authorities have not yet released the name of the suspect, but said the driver tried to flee on foot before being apprehended and taken to a hospital to have injuries treated.

The Monitor reported one bystander jumping over the police line to make sure none of the victims were his family, stating in Spanish that “I need to know if my wife and my baby are there."

Reporters on scene were told to stay back as school buses blocked the area around the crash to keep onlookers away, according to local news station.

A KGRV reporter noted seeing "at least a couple of bodies" on the ground under white sheets.

A witness told the station that several children had died in Monday's crash, though officials have not confirmed this.

Police pursuits in Hidalgo County have become a common occurrence, as the area marks a gap in the border fence to Mexico where police often tangle with vehicles smuggling drugs and immigrants.

In the past, Hidalgo County has yielded multiple conflicts with devastating results. In April of last year, nine suspected undocumented immigrants were killed in Hidalgo when a truck carrying them tried to outrun U.S. Border Patrol agents, according to The Washington Post.