08/13/2013 10:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Ways To Turn Your Boring, Blah Outfit Into A Sticky Mess (PHOTOS)


Is your outfit boring? Does it need a little something to make it interesting? If it seems unlikely that any amount of fashion advice will save your dull wardrobe, try getting it sticky instead. If you can't be stylish, you might as well be covered in sticky goo.

1. Eat pancakes—poorly - Getting yourself sticky can be as easy as eating pancakes. But make sure you do it poorly. Miss your mouth by a little… or a lot.
pancakes spill

2. Eat a snow cone while being active - Whether you're running to catch a bus or simply throwing a Frisbee, a snow cone is just the inappropriate snack for the situation to drip all over that boring ensemble.
snow cone

3. Swap your accessories for caramel apples - Take whatever hat, jewelry, bag, or boring belt you were going to add to your outfit and swap it for a caramel apple or two.
caramel apple

4. Chew gum—poorly - If you're chewing gum, just don't be careful about it. Sooner or later it's falling out of your mouth and possibly sticking right to your lackluster clothing.
gum mess

5. Roll around on the floor of a bus depot - Don't hold back!
laying on floor

6. Swap your lint roller for a Sriracha bottle - Talk about spicing up your outfit and probably not removing lint!

7. Jump into a pool of molasses - Admittedly, this one isn't very practical. But if you're one of the few lucky people with access to a pool of molasses, it's a very easy and direct way to get sticky.

8. Mary Tyler Moore your sandwich - If you're not familiar, "Mary Tyler Moore-ing" your sandwich is this: When you're making a sandwich and you've spread condiments on the bread, like peanut butter, mayo, etc., throw the slices of bread up in the air above your head like you're a confident woman who might just make it after all and doesn't care if it lands on her outfit.
mary tyler moore

9. Get careless with glue - Glue is often designed to be pretty idiot-proof considering it's often used by children. You're going to have to find away around that if you want to make sure that glue ends up on your predictable clothing choice.
glue spill

10. Pretend you're a bee - All you need is a bottle of honey and a vivid imagination.
bee costume



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