08/13/2013 10:11 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Six Of TV's Newest Female Friendships -- And The Lesbian Continuum

With buzzy television shows such as Orange is the New Black (with our favorite Natasha Lyonne as a grizzled junkie with a tender heart) and Girls shocking audiences and garnering raves from critics (it seems Lena Dunham may forever be the much-debated voice of some generation), we have entered a new wave of female-centric storytelling. But that type of pop culture female bonding is only the latest example of the lesbian continuum represented on the pop culture yardstick.

When legendary theorist and poet Adrienne Rich coined the term “lesbian continuum” in 1980, she opened the door to entirely new meanings and functions of female friendship. The power of comradery between women had always existed, of course, but never had anyone so perfectly put their finger on what made intimate and loving relationships between women -- sexual or not -- powerful, political, and erotic.

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