08/13/2013 01:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Unwritten Rules Of Vine

By now you've likely seen the massively popular 12-minute compilation of Vine videos that went viral last week. Though the original video has been taken down, there are still copies floating around out there.

With so many people uploading so many questionable moments of their lives online, we came up with a few rules to help make your six-second masterpieces make it into the next collection of ultimate Vine vids.

Rule 1: Ridiculous props.

Rule 2: Don't be careful with your props.

Rule 3: Throw a giant ball at your kid just for the views.

Rule 4: Set yourself on fire.

Rule 5: Strangers are the enemy.

Rule 6: Disney nostalgia is the new 90s nostalgia. Also have a big belly.

Rule 7: It's all about the flips.

Rule 8: Sports in general.

Rule 9: Act like you can fly.

Rule 10: Tacos.

Rule 11: Do something nobody else would/don't care about respect.

Rule 12: Act childish in classically wealthy/uptight places.

Rule 13: Make fun of Justin Bieber.

Rule 14: Disney nostalgia is king. "The Lion King." (see Rule 6)

Rule 15: Found Twitter and then post a scary selfie.

Rule 16: Use Walmart as your playground/destroy Walmart.

Rule 17: Fall over hard and hurt yourself.

Rule 18: Don't be afraid of love or yelling at strangers.

Really just go for it.

Rule 19: Destroy a suburban grocery store. More damage = more views.

Rule 20: "Ladies/Fellas am I right???"

Rule 21: Dogs.

Rule 22: Kittens.

Rule 23: Instagram sucks.