08/14/2013 05:58 pm ET

'Amazing Maps' On Twitter Informs, Entertains With Unexpected Visuals

In life, there are amazing maps, and then there's @Amazing_Maps -- a specialized Twitter account dedicated to providing a feed of (you guessed it) amazing maps, all the time.

Confused? Here, let us (ahem) map it out for you.

Wondering how much space the United States would take up, were it to exist on the moon? Wonder no more:

Here's a map of the 22 countries Great Britain has yet to not invaded:

Global flight paths:

Public debt vs GDP:

If you wanted to visit every country in the world in one continuous path, here's a route for you:

Map of the more than 7,000 rivers that contribute to the Mississippi:

Day in the life of a pizza delivery driver:

So much information, all presented via the humble map. Like these? Make sure to follow @Amazing_Maps on Twitter.

(Hat Tip: BuzzFeed)