08/14/2013 10:30 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'Fox And Friends,' Michelle Malkin, Angered By California Transgender Bill (VIDEO)

The hosts of "Fox and Friends" and conservative correspondent Michelle Malkin just "can't get their heads around" around a new bill in California that allows transgender children to use the bathroom in school that corresponds to their gender identity. And jeepers, are they mad about it!

In the questionably-titled segment, "Political Correctness Police," the four Fox News contributors crucify California Governor Jerry Brown for signing Assembly Bill 11266, which is arguably one of the most important pieces of legislation in American history for transgender minors.

"There is such an impetus to pander to political correctness," said Michelle Malkin, looking completely baffled and appalled at the prospect of such legislation. "I think this is social engineering run amuck. Apparently, according to the bill that was signed, transgender is defined any way that they want to! As long as a child has the self-perception that they are transgender they will be able to go into any bathroom that they want!"

Yep, Michelle. That's the idea.

Perhaps the most ridiculous critique of the bill comes from often baffling Gretchen Carlson, who cites an immense amount of concern for what this bill could mean for high school pranksters.

"We know that kids like to pull pranks," Carlson said. "Can you imagine now the boys wanna go into the girls bathroom and the girls wanna go into the boys bathroom and they can just say, 'Oh I was transgender for the moment.'"

Solid and well-researched arguments, as always, from our friends at Fox News.

(h/t Salon.com)



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