08/14/2013 04:20 am ET

'Giuliana & Bill': Fab-U-Wish Grants Cancer Survivor Fabulous Day In LA With Giuliana (VIDEO)

Giuliana Rancic kicked off a new program that's like a Make-a-Wish Foundation for women going through breast or ovarian cancer on the latest "Giuliana & Bill." A breast-cancer survivor herself, Giuliana partnered with the nonprofit group, Bright Pink, to launch Fab-U-Wish.

The program partners Giuliana herself with women undergoing treatment for breast or ovarian cancer. Giuliana and her team give the women an ultimate "celebrity" experience.

First up was Barbie, a 36-year-old, 18-year veteran of the Marines, as well as a single mother. Barbie discovered her breast cancer in Afghanistan, and has since undergone a double mastectomy and lost her hair. She said that she just wanted to feel like a woman again, and that was something Giuliana could certainly help her with.

“You’re the reason why we came up with this idea, wanting to do this for people like you, who have been through so much and continue to go through so much," Giuliana told Barbie, choking up with emotion as she spoke.

Giuliana flew Barbie and her sister out to Los Angeles for a day of shopping and pampering. Barbie even got a makeover from Giuliana's own glam squad. It was clearly a lot of fun for Barbie, who Tweeted during the episode that she was having fun just reliving the experience on TV.

On her blog for the Style network, Giuliana said that Barbie will always hold a special place in her heart. She described the Marine veteran as the "perfect choice" for the program. If you or someone you know is interested in a Fab-U-Wish, you can head over to the website to apply. All you need to make a nomination is a short essay and a two-minute video.

"Giuliana & Bill" continues ever Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Style.

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