08/14/2013 04:25 pm ET

John Corbett, 'Sex And The City' Star, Explains His Unusual Twitter Behavior

Most celebrities have embraced Twitter, but few have gone the route of actor John Corbett.

Corbett, perhaps most famous for his role as Aidan on HBO's "Sex and the City," recently told HuffPost Live that
when he first joined Twitter, he approached it the way many do: posting personal messages and photos of himself out with friends. But, instead of gaining fans, Corbett said he just received responses from "haters" who wanted to put him down for his tweets.

"I felt like I was in the f****ing third grade again," Corbett said. "So what I decided to do was, I decided to share things that I think are cool and I decided I'm only going to comment once a year on my birthday."

Corbett said he responds to fans on his birthday, but the rest of the year he just tweets photos of things he thinks are cool. Right now, he's in a "cool tattoo phase," he said.

Corbett tweets at @RealJohnCorbett. His latest tweets include Bon Jovi fan tattoos and artistic renderings of Jon Bon Jovi.

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