08/14/2013 04:34 pm ET

5 Ways To Optimize Your To-Do List


The age old to-do list -- a common tool to help get $#&T done. In my years of to-do listing, I’ve discovered that it is often this common productivity trick that actually prevents me from being optimally productive. Yes, counter-intuitive, but true. This oft bottleneck-in-disguise makes me feel like I am a super hero, that in fact, yes I can finish 2908329874 tasks in the next three hours while simultaneously cooking for a dinner party and writing my novel.

In real life, this is not true. I’ve devised a few ways to prevent to-do list overload by means of insightful curation (hey, sounds familiar...) of what I need to accomplish, by when, and by priority. This curation of item, time, day, and other items to be discussed below helps me maximize my time-to-task ratio and kick some major life butt.

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