08/15/2013 09:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Don't Waste Your Last Few Weeks Of Summer 2013!

This simply isn't true anymore:

Time is running out!

So here's what you're going to do:

Learn to dance like Leo.

Get the high score in Dots or beat Candy Crush.

Binge-watch "Orange Is The New Black."

Learn to twerk. If Miley can do it, so can you.

Fall in love with Lorde.

Lose it at Virgin Freefest.

Drink all of the Long Island iced teas.

Become a mermaid.

Boycott that Cronut as it's not thatttt good.

And move on from the royal baby.

But do make sure you snag a few of those oh, so elusive Daft Punk condoms.

Party like Stephen Colbert even if you're over Daft Punk.

Of course, form your own Bling Ring. (Don't really)

Definitely watch "Sharknado" and don't just tweet about it.

And get trapped "Under The Dome."

Follow-up with that special someone from Tinder you left hanging in early June.

Party like it is "Spring Breakers" because Spring Break being forrrevaaa means it's still Spring Break right now too.

Yell "I don't care!"

Successfully Catfish someone.

Obsess over the return of "Breaking Bad."

Blur some lines (whatever that means).

Take a cue from Beyonce and cut that hair, it's still hot out there.

Just make sure to not waste this last month!

Do all these things and this is DEFINITELY going to be the BEST LAST MONTH OF SUMMER everrrrr!