08/15/2013 12:13 pm ET

James Harden Sings In New Commercial For 'Foot Locker' (VIDEO)

By Chris Yuscavage, Complex Sports

Yesterday, we showed you a new Foot Locker commercial featuring James Harden and Stephen Curry. It features Harden singing an R&B song in the studio and, well, he sounds absolutely awful. So you would think that the last thing we would want to hear is more singing from Harden, right?

That's what we thought, too. But then we came across a longer video from Foot Locker that features nothing but Harden singing.

And you know what? WE LOVE IT!!! Much like the video of Peyton and Eli Manning rapping that dropped last week, it's so bad that it's actually kind of amazing. And we're pretty sure that we're going to be walking around for the next week with the song from the video stuck in our heads.

Thanks, Harden! Now take it from the top one more time...

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[via Foot Locker]



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