08/15/2013 05:55 pm ET Updated Aug 16, 2013

Jason Pollock, Undroppable Creator, Gives Drake-Inspired Graduation Speech (VIDEO)

It's a basic fact of life that most commencement speech are -- how should we put it? -- pretty boring. Of course, there were some brilliant and brave speeches that hit YouTube this year, and now we've found one that may take the cake for "most creative."

When Jason Pollock, creator of Undroppable, stood at the podium to deliver the commencement speech for Schenectady High School's graduation, instead of drawing inspiration from a famous philosopher or writer, he channelled his inner-Drake. The result? The crowd went wild. Watch in the video above.

"I think that people misinterpret Drake's phrases and kind of use them as an excuse to do bad stuff sometimes," says Pollack. "'You only live once' is really a very positive thing. It's not a negative thing -- and I see a lot of kids saying it in a negative way."

After explaining how the rapper's popular catchphrase "YOLO" (translation: "you only live once") is used incorrectly, Pollack used other lyrical examples from the rapper as words of wisdom for the future, including knowing who your true friends are ("No New Friends") and redefining what success is ("Started From the Bottom").

So go forth into the world, grads -- and whatever you do, don't forget to YOLO. The right way, that is.



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