08/15/2013 03:53 am ET Updated Aug 15, 2013

Kevin Spacey Steals Stephen Colbert's Emmy Award And Takes Off Running (VIDEO)

Kevin Spacey dropped by "The Colbert Report" riding a wave of Emmy support for his Netflix original series, "House of Cards." But Stephen Colbert didn't like that an Internet show was getting all that Emmy love. After all, it's not a TV show, right? Not like Colbert's TV show, anyway.

He kept giving Spacey grief about it throughout their interview, with Spacey giving as good as he was getting. At one point, Spacey talked about his character in "House of Cards" addressing the audience directly, comparing it to how Colbert talks directly to his audience. The difference, Spacey said, was that Spacey's audience listened to him.

This led Colbert to point out that Spacey didn't have an Emmy yet. And so, seeing Colbert's Emmy over the host's shoulder, Spacey got an idea. He jumped up, grabbed the Emmy from the mantle and took off across Colbert's set, with Colbert in hot pursuit.

Before he could get caught, Spacey handed off the Emmy to a woman in the front row of Colbert's audience, and then sent Colbert to fetch it. But Spacey will get his own shot at one when the Emmys air September 22 on CBS. "House of Cards" is up for a total of nine awards -- a first for a web-based series. And, of course, it's also coming back for a second season on Netflix.

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