08/15/2013 06:45 pm ET Updated Aug 15, 2013

Simon Pegg Tweets Photo Of Himself Standing Next To Ant-Man, Internet Gets Ideas [UPDATE]

From the files of Vin Diesel comes this bit of Thursday evening news speculation: Simon Pegg, who is in New York promoting Edgar Wright's upcoming film "The World's End," tweeted a photo of himself pointing at the character Ant-Man during a tour of the Marvel offices.

Pegg's tweet was quickly picked up, racking up 532 retweets at the time of this post as well as numerous articles.

"Is this confirmation? Not yet, but it's either a cruel joke or the real thing, and considering Vin Diesel's social media approach with regards to announcing his Marvel role, it seems to us that this whole thing may have been staged on purpose," wrote Erik Davis for Movies.com.

HitFix reporter Drew McWeeny noted that Pegg could play Ant-Man in Wright's "Ant-Man," precisely because the director is going in another direction with the character: "I don't for a moment believe that Pegg is going to play Hank Pym," wrote McWeeny, referencing the original Ant-Man, "and part of the reasoning for why he might seriously be announcing that he's going to play Ant-Man is because Edgar Wright and co-writer Joe Cornish are taking a different approach to this one than most of the Marvel movies so far."

As it turns out, however, Pegg's tweet was just a tweet. Ryan Penagos, executive editorial director of Marvel Digital Media Group and Marvel.com, tweeted to Slashfilm that Pegg was just recording a podcast. Pegg, meanwhile, also posted photos of himself next to Hulk and Thor, but presumably he isn't playing those characters either.

"Ant-Man" is not due in theaters until 2015.

UPDATE, 8/15 at 9:37 p.m.: Pegg himself shot down the non-rumor with some new tweets:

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