08/15/2013 03:36 pm ET

Union Station Indoor Park Set To Be Installed, Temporarily, In Chicago Later This Month

Kicking back and relaxing is probably the last thing on the minds of most people who pass through Chicago's Union Station.

But that could change, at least temporarily, when Tetherball, bocce and more activities more typical of a lively city park arrive inside the doors of the terminal later this month.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the indoor park -- complete with synthetic grass, hammocks, picnic tables and more -- will be installed inside the station's Great Hall beginning on Aug. 24 and will remain there through Sept. 2.

The park -- titled "trainYARD" -- was one of two ideas that won the station's Activate Union Station placemaking contest, an initiative aimed at getting more people to use the Chicago railway station, the Architecture Chicago Plus blog reports.

The other winning proposal, which will be installed over the same dates, was Katherine Darnstadt of Latent Design's "Blah Blah Blob!," a parachute-like nylon sculpture that will be put up on the plaza outside the adjacent Fifth Third Center. Underneath the sculpture will be more synthetic grass, according to a news release.

The contest winners each received $5,000 to turn their proposals into reality.