08/15/2013 07:14 pm ET

Joshua Hersh From Cairo: 'Everyone Here Expects America To Fix Things' (VIDEO)

HuffPost Middle East Correspondent Joshua Hersh joined HuffPost Live Thursday from Cairo to react to President Obama's speech about the escalating crisis there and told host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin that most people on the ground expect the United States to intervene:

"I think we saw an indication of the fact that Obama would really like to change the way America interacts with the world and specifically in the aftermath of eight years under Bush of catastrophic consequences to America trying to say, 'We see something happening in the world and we're going to take action to fix it.' I think Obama came into office and wanted to change that. Unfortunately I think that's a little bit as unrealistic as the other idea -- the notion that you can change things.

At the same time we walk around here and everyone here expects America to fix things."

For more on this discussion, watch the full segment here.