08/16/2013 02:07 pm ET

Hallelujah! Dad Soothes Crying Baby With A Ukulele (VIDEO)

If there is one thing parents everywhere understand, it's the multitude of trial-and-error methods one will use to try and soothe a crying baby.

However, one unique method was captured on video that is sure to bring a smile to just about anyone's face. Watch in the clip above as D.E. Wittkower, a dad and assistant professor at Old Dominion University, uses a ukulele and the legendary song "Hallelujah" when his daughter, Ada, starts to fuss. It was shot in 2012, but as a bonus, you can see him revisit the song almost one year later below.

While it's not guaranteed to work (yes, much like snowflakes, no crying baby is the same), after watching both of these amazing moments, we're thinking some moms and dads may want to brush up on their ukulele skills.



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