08/16/2013 03:01 pm ET Updated Aug 16, 2013

Detroit Bus Rider Appears To Smoke Crack Pipe, Drivers' Union Says Assaults Common (VIDEO)

A YouTube video aired by Detroit television station WXYZ-TV appears to show one bus passenger doing the unthinkable -- smoking crack in plain sight on a public bus.

The video shows a full bus in the middle of the day, but that doesn't stop one man from lighting up a pipe. When passengers tell him to put it out, the man is shown yelling back, though he also puts the drugs down.

Eventually, the man was coerced off the bus in exchange for a cigarette from another rider, according to WXYZ.

But bus drivers are dealing with mayhem and even assaults every day on the streets of Detroit. In 2011, drivers temporarily walked off the job after one union member was assaulted.

Watch the video, and head to WXYZ for more information on what Detroit's bus drivers are planning to do to voice their concerns.