08/16/2013 08:14 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

8 Instances When It's Absolutely Inappropriate To Meditate

You can meditate just about anywhere. And when you're feeling stressed, overworked or out of sorts, the practice might be the quickest path to relief.

And yet, there are certain moments when the age-old practice is just a little inappropriate. For example ...

When your head's aflame
meditating fire
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There are just more pressing things you should concern yourself with ...

When you're really hung up on something
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Perhaps it's best to address the issue.

When you manifest the ability to levitate
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There's money to be made!

Come on! You could at least enter into the Guinness Book Of World Records
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When you'd rather be snorkeling
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Hey -- no judgements.

When you should be shopping for more age-appropriate bedroom decor
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Like, really.

When you're holding up traffic
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That's just plain dangerous.

When you're entirely too preoccupied
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Multitasking is not very zen.

There are some out-of-the-ordinary locations where meditation can do you justice. Check out the slideshow below, then tell us the wackiest places you've snuck in some zen in the comments section.

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