08/16/2013 04:23 am ET

'Project Runway': Sandro Returns To The Workroom After 'Self-Eliminating' Last Week (VIDEO)

After his less-than-graceful exit last week from "Project Runway," runaway designer Sandro returned to the workroom this week. But did this mean he was back in the competition?

“I want to say, if I’ve been difficult for somebody here, or make [anyone] feel uncomfortable around me, please forgive me," Sandro said. "I’ve been very emotional, this is my minus. I should be stronger enough to handle my emotions.”

Unfortunately, this was just him getting a chance to apologize after he completely blew up at his fellow competitors last week -- and the whole show -- after getting some negative feedback. Feedback that he specifically requested, mind you. After his explosion, Sandro ran away from the competition, effectively eliminating himself. And that elimination stands.

A writer for Hollywood Life noted that while almost all of Sandro's fellow contestants pretended to be sad, and even hugged the emotional designer, none of them really meant it. Still, Zap2It's Kiley Thompson gave Sandro kudos for coming back and apologizing, but still suspected he was escorted out by security afterwards.

And that is definitely the end for Sandro ... we think. "Project Runway" continues every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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