08/17/2013 11:31 am ET Updated Aug 23, 2013

Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

We suppose it makes sense: If you're constantly carrying around your phone and you use your phone to tweet, occasionally your tweets are going to be about your phone. We've seen this before, and it happened again this week, as we spotted several tweets from women that revolved around their devices.

Emily McCombs shared an observation we could definitely relate to: "I'm embarrassed by how long it took me to realize the phone on my desk had stopped working." Niki apologized for a brief absence: "Hey guys, sorry I haven't tweeted for 10 days. I was on the phone with my mom." And Ana Gasteyer acknowledged the odd way we socialize: "I really enjoyed being with you at that restaurant where we checked our phones."

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And just a reminder: It's important to unplug and recharge from time to time, too.



Funniest Tweets From Women