08/17/2013 01:06 pm ET

Culinary Pet Names: 11 Monikers Reminiscent Of Food And Drink

From Vetstreet's Kristen Seymour:

While there are plenty of popular kitten and puppy names out there, finding a totally unique (but still completely adorable!) pet name can be a bit more challenging.

To find some of the most unusual and little-known names out there, we dug through Vetstreet's database of more than 89 million dogs and 49 million cats to find names that appeared just once. From there, we divided them into categories and selected our favorites. So, with no further ado, we present the cutest unique pet names with a food or drink theme!

(Note: These are not pictures of the actual pets with those names; our database has the names only, not the images. But if you have an adorable pet with a rare name, please submit it to our Facebook page. We'd love to see it!)

Culinary Pet Names
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