08/18/2013 02:16 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

Milk Carton Projects: DIY Tips For Creative Ways To Reuse Old Jugs

From Networx's Chaya Kurtz:

Milk jugs are a pretty perfect material for DIY projects. They're durable, lightweight, they float, they're flexible, and they are ubiquitous.

The best part of making cool stuff from milk jugs is that you don't have to pay for them. I mean, they're trash! But when you're a DIY-er, you know that some trash is a perfect material for upcycling into something great.

Just rinse out plastic milk jugs well before you craft with them, okay? You don't want your milk jug capiz shell earrings to smell like sour milk.

List and captions courtesy of Networx