08/19/2013 02:01 pm ET

Kid Stuck In Claw Machine Has Unforgettable Time While Mom Panics (VIDEO)

If the prizes in a claw machine never come out, the next best option -- at least for this intrepid child -- seems to be going in after them.

The tyke was featured in a YouTube video posted Aug. 15 by user "Spinolio," who came across a boy stuck in a claw machine at a bowling alley.

While we don't know the full backstory, it's painfully clear the mom's alarm is matched in equal and opposite amounts by her son's spurts of glee. Per the video description, the boy "must have crawled in through the prize chute."

Lindsay Stewart, a woman claiming to be the boy's mom, wrote in the comments section: "His brother (the kid laughing) was watching him during my turn to bowl and both kids were completely in view (minus the 35 sec it took me to bowl)."

Stewart added her son is very "spirited" and that "everyday is an adventure!" Shortly after his discovery, the boy was released by a bowling alley employee with a key to the machine.

Thankfully, the distraught mother didn't have to fish around for another couple bucks to pull him out, especially since those claw machines really are rigged.

Of course, these incidents happen with surprising frequency. Last year, an Australian toddler not only made it into a claw machine, once inside, he started handing out toys to onlookers.