08/20/2013 09:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 1972 Miami Dolphins Looked Like Your Dad (PHOTOS)

Today is all about the 1972 Miami Dolphins, who not only won the Super Bowl but became the only NFL team to ever go undefeated. Thanks to Richard Nixon being slightly preoccupied, they never got that trip to the White House, which Barack Obama will remedy this afternoon when he hosts the team for a reception.

While so many sports fans have grown a bit weary hearing about the 1972 Dolphins, we can't help but think that's because they haven't looked at them lately. The 1972 Dolphins looked just like your dad! And you can't hate on dad.

See what we mean?

Your dad was cheerful and slightly balding.
garo yepremian nfl kicker miami dolphins 1972

Your dad had this exact haircut in the early 70's.
manny fernandez

This is what your dad's coif looked like in the morning.
1972 miami dolphins

Your dad would never mow the lawn without that sweatband.
1972 miami dolphins

Your dad's face looked just like this when you missed curfew.
1972 miami dolphins don shula

Your dad loved a stogie and a mag.

Your dad always had this gently confused look.

Your dad was so clean cut!

Seriously, this is your dad.
garo yepremian 1973



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